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At Wildman Slugs we pride ourselves by providing our customers with the best of the best. Our Slugs are the best handmade British slugs available, at an every day affordable price. We've teamed together knowledge, experience and the best of technology to bring you the next generation of air gun ammunition.
After spending a few years in the military. I then left and started working alongside my now wife in the pest control industry. During this time I noticed a gap in the market for a better ammunition for air rifles, which we desperately lack in the UK. As well as that, the market doesn't allow the everyday man to experience the power of a 'slug' due to the high prices. My aim is to provide all with a well performing, consistent, quality ammunition.
The name "Wildman Slugs" comes after my son, Wilder he will no doubt follow in my footsteps and be obsessed with weaponry and good ammunition. You will see a lot of him if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, he likes to make an appearance, showing the action behind the scenes here at Wildman Slugs, as well as my wife and two daughters.

Liam (The Wildman) is available to help with custom weight and quantity orders, shooting advice and general ammunition queries (or just an all round good yarn)

Jess Craven Falcon

Jess Craven

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Co-founder and better half to the Wildman is Jess. Jess is a full time head falconer and is very rarely seen without a falcon on her fist. A keen shooter with FAC air, rim and centre fire rifles, she lends a hand swaging some Wildmans.

Jess partakes in a variety of field sports and finds falconry and shooting go hand in hand, she travels a lot to hunt different ground in the UK and abroad.  Also an ambassador for NGS Fieldsports representing Falconry, and writing regular blogs about the sport of kings. Use code JESS15 for 15% off at NGS - Link below.