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Superior BC,  premium quality lead, unbelievable stopping power, ultimate performance.

The finest finish - arguably the best slugs to grace the air gun world. 200 PACK


Slugs for airguns are specialized projectiles. They can offer a number of advantages compared to pellets. Slugs have a larger diameter and weight lending them greater accuracy and energy transfer than many pellets. They also have a flatter trajectory and longer flight path, giving them better accuracy at distance. What makes Wildman Slugs stand out in the sea of slugs is their premium quality materials, their ultra-long-range design, and their rapid expansion for maximum energy transfer. Whether you're looking for improved accuracy, increased velocity, or enhanced stopping power, Wildman Slugs will deliver.

The superior craftsmanship of Wildman Slugs also provides advantages in terms of safety and accuracy. The consistent shape and size of each slug ensures that the projectile is fired at an even velocity, providing greater accuracy and precision so you realize greater efficiency and energy transfer with every shot.

Whether you're a competition shooter or just looking to enjoy some quality target practice, Wildman Slugs are the perfect tool for precision shooting. You can be sure that you're getting competition-standard performance every time you shoot. And the slug-to-slug consistency provides reliable results every time. 

Manufactured in the UK.

.25 Cal

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