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For RFD's and Trade Enquiries;
01845 591167

All other Enquiries


Abroad +447506217112


Quality British made air rifle slugs with high ballistic coefficient, rapid expansion, and great slug to slug consistency.

Perfect for FX Superior heavy liners, Lothar Walther barrels, CZ barrels. Ultimate long range accuracy and competition standard performance. Hunting to competing and everything in between, these come unrivalled with our rolling research and development. Made by precision hunters, for those wanting the most out of their airgun.

Supported by a dedicated customer service team.  

Working with the top airgun manufacturers ensuring compatibility and first class performance.

Stretching out as far as 624yards, Wildman's are the number one ultra long range performance slug.

For Sales and accounts;

Wildman Slugs Ltd
Keenan Lodge,
North Yorkshire,

Precision Made Air Rifle Slugs.

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